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About me

Hello! I’m Brenda Copp

If you need to make a positive change in your life, you are not alone. My passion is to help you work through the things in your life that hurt you. Together, we will create your personalized plan that will lead you to happiness and peace.

Beliefs that make me unique as a therapist:

• I employ concepts, strategies, and techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I intend for my interventions to serve as a catalyst for change.

• I specialize in trauma, abuse, and attachment therapy.

• I offer eclectic techniques that include EMDR, TF-CBT, ART, Sandtray, Play Therapy, and Faith Based Therapy.

• I meet each client where they are.

• I encourage progressive movement through discovery and ah -ha moments designed and crafted for individual discovery since individual realization is what motivates the forward movement as opposed to being told what to do.

• Each client’s journey is individually crafted to his or her individual needs

• I describe recovery as a journey of personal discovery, which includes new learning on how to live well.

• I believe mental health recovery is a unique experience to each person, and is possible for everyone.

• Personal recovery is fundamentally positive. It focuses on one’s strengths, values and preferences rather than on one’s issues, problems, or illness. It’s about resilience and possibilities. Its positivity creates hope.

• Personal recovery is also realistic and practical. It’s about identifying and dealing with whatever’s getting in the way of one’s emotional wellbeing.

• Recovery brings change, and change is challenging; but recovery also brings hope, inspiration and empowerment to one who may almost have forgotten what those things feel like; therefore, promoting the ability to meet any challenge.

• Clientele served includes children, adolescents, and adults.

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